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Guard Every On-chain Transaction

KnightSafe is an open-source, transparent and decentralized digital asset self-custody service. Enjoy your seamless interaction with DeFi protocols under your designated role-based access control with KnightSafe!

Digital asset self-custody service provider founded by a team with more than a decade of experience in cyber security.

Secured Self-custody

Pre-approve your authorization list to designated DeFi or token, and enjoy the hassle free transactions with your favourite DeFI/dApps.

Seamless Interaction

Enable members and traders to operate your organization-owned wallets under role based access control (RBAC).


Nobody could send asset to a non-whitelisted address, not even yourself.


Setting Custom Authorization

Owners can create custom authorization for designated roles. From disabling the withdrawing right, to prohibiting certain protocols or tokens for the designated role, KnightSafe creates a safe sandbox environment for owners to manage their wallets.

Setting Whitelist for Token Transactions

Owners can restrict traders to only interact on specific protocols or dApps, or to send specific Tokens to whitelisted addresses.

Improving Interaction with DeFi protocols

Traders can connect to the DeFi protocols and DEX through Wallet Connect, and perform DeFi transactions within their permitted authorized actions, including but not limited to trade, swap, provide liquidity, lending, etc

Why KS Wallet?

Secured By Blockchain Technology

Every steps in the authorization process is securely guarded by the open source smart-contract that runs on blockchain.

KnightSafe is securing

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The most secure way to manage wallet

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Join Us Now

KnightSafe is currently invite-only. Get in touch with us for a demo!


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